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Strictly Ballroom offers many types of lessons so regardless of your experience or goals in Ballroom Dancing, we can get you where you want to be! Take a look at our class options below and see our calendar for all scheduled events!

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Private & Semi-Private Lessons

For Individuals & Couples

  • Staff Instructors
  • Studio Owners
  • $70/1 Lesson
    $325/5 Lessons
    $600/10 Lessons
  • $95/1 Lesson
    $450/5 Lessons*
    $850/10 Lessons*

*Students on either of these packages receive free practice time for the duration of their package.

For Groups

  • $15/Person
    ($90 Minimum)
  • Any Instructor

For Kids (Under 16)

  • $60/Lesson
  • $15/Person
    ($60 Minimum)
  • Private
  • Semi-Private
Wedding Packages
  • $70/1 Lesson
  • $199/3 Lessons
  • $349/6 Lessons
  • The Dip
  • The Last Minute
  • The Wedding Planner
Group Lessons

Tuesday & Thursday Afternoons

  • $12/Person
  • $36/Person
  • 1 Lesson
  • 4-Week Series

Wednesday Evenings

  • $15/Person
  • $45/Person
  • 1 Lesson
  • 4-Week Series

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings
(Partner Required)

  • $180/Couple
  • 6-Week Series

Friday & Saturday Evenings

  • $15/Person
  • Workshops

This pricing applies to regular 7PM Friday and 6PM Saturday Workshops. Additional workshops in our calendar may vary in price depending on length of the class or the opportunity to purchase a set of workshops.

Social Events
  • $15/Person
  • $20+/Person
    (Prices Vary)
  • Saturday Socials
  • Themed Parties
Performing Couples

Friday Evenings (Partner Required)

  • $360/Couple
  • 12-Week Series

Usually a minimum of two 12-Week series packages are required to learn choreography and refine technique.

Practice Time

Strictly Ballroom Students

  • Individual
  • Couples
  • $10/Hour
  • $15/Hour

Non-SBDS Dancers

  • $25/Hour
  • Individual/Couple

Non SBDS-Dancers are individuals who do not recieve instruction here, but wish to use our floor to practice.

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